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0.3 release snapshot


the 0.3 release is almost ready. But as I'm out of office for the  
upcoming week, the final release is going to happen in the week  
after. The 0.3 release would have taken then 2 months to be ready.  
This is too long for my liking. There are a couple of reasons for  
this. In the near future we want to have shorter cycles and have more  
focused releases to provide our users new major functionality as soon  
as possible.

I have published the newest 0.3-Snapshot to our snapshot repository,  
including a JDK-1.4 compatible version. This snapshot is already very  
similar to the upcoming release. The user's guide is also pretty much  
uptodate. Amongst other things it contains the new way we deal with  
wars and default archives.



- Hans

Hans Dockter
Gradle Project lead

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