[ANN] Gradle 0.1.4 is released

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[ANN] Gradle 0.1.4 is released

We are happy to announce the release of Gradle 0.1.4 .

This is a rather important release. We have added floating source folders to have full control where your sources are. There was a critical bug when using Groovy projects in multi-project build that is fixed now. Last but not least Gradle can now build Groovy projects based on the groovy libraries provided by the users. This does not just include the classpath for compiling the code and running the tests but also the usage of groovyc and groovydoc.

The user's guide has been enhanced regarding the changes above (Chapter 9 and 10).

This release includes breaking changes. Yet we do only a revision release. I'd like to point out our current release policy. If you are unhappy with our policy please tell us. In this early stage we want to have frequent releases. We'd like to reserve minor releases for a major introduction of new features. Minor releases are for bug fixes but also small improvements which might contain breaking changes. This release policy is going to change as Gradle matures and gets a broader install base. 

Breaking changes are explicitly noted in the changelog. So always have a look there to see whether they affect your current gradle build.

The Gradle zip has grown to 10MB. This is because our samples have grown. For our next release we will offer a pure binary distribution as well as a binary distribution which contains also the sources and samples.

- Hans

Hans Dockter
Gradle Project lead

Release Notes - Gradle - Version 0.1.4
Breaking Changes:
 * [GRADLE-80] - The groovy plugin should use the groovy ant tasks from the groovy provided by the user not from the groovy that ships with Gradle.
 You now need to assign a Groovy library to the 'groovy' dependency configuration
 * [GRADLE-81] - Add convenience methods for classpath resolving
 The method name of the dependency manager has changed from resolveClasspath to resolve.
Non-Breaking Changes:
** Bug    * [GRADLE-76] - Documentation sometimes uses test "..." instead of testCompile    * [GRADLE-77] - Groovy Plugin does not remove Java compile action from compile task    * [GRADLE-78] - Groovy source folders are sometimes not found when Groovy projects are used in a multi-project build.    * [GRADLE-79] - Source folder can't be chosen for a location which is not under src.    * [GRADLE-82] - Gradle startup script does not work with cygwin when using parameters
** Improvement    * [GRADLE-73] - Make specifiying the group and version attribute optional.    * [GRADLE-75] - Section 11.5.4 Flat Folder Resolver, Point out what the first parameter is for.