[ANN] Gradle 0.2 is released

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[ANN] Gradle 0.2 is released

We are delighted to announce Gradle 0.2.

There is now also a roadmap available: http://gradle.org/roadmap.html

Gradle 0.2 contains many fixes and improvements and is as breaking as  
it gets ;):

- gradlefile and gradlesettings are now build.gradle and settings.gradle
- The notation for artifact dependencies has changed from:  
"junit:junit-4.4:jar" to "junit:junit-4.4@jar". This was necessary  
because of the introduction of classifiers (e.g. "org.testng:testng:
- There is no 1-string argument method any longer for adding archive  
tasks to a bundle: dists { zip('myzip') } is now: dists { zip
(baseName: 'myzip') }

The most important improvements:

- The archive support has been improved a lot:
-- Merge functionality (UG 9.8.3)
-- Introduction of classifiers (e.g. gradle-0.2-bin.zip) (UG 9.8.1)
-- Better default archive handling. There is no type property needed  
any longer. (UG 9.7.1 and 11)
-- The documentation has also improved.

- Better support for Maven repositories. We have now for example good  
support for the use case that the pom is in a different repository  
than the jar (UG 12.5.2).

- The compile task has now include/exclude methods for the class  
files directory.

- You can set system properties via gradle.properties files. (UG 4.4)

- Support for web proxies. (UG 4.5)

- To skip a task it is now sufficient to just set the property (e.g. -
Dskip.test) instead of setting it to true (e.g. -Dskip.test=true).  
Either not setting it or setting it to false does not skip a task.  
(UG 4.1)

- Tasks can be now disabled/enabled via an enabled property (UG 4.1).

- Gradle is now bundled with ant-nodeps, thus many optional tasks  
work out of the box.


- Hans

Release Notes - Gradle - Version 0.2

** Bug
     * [GRADLE-57] - The gradle.bat has *nix line separators when  
build on *nix.
     * [GRADLE-60] - Not all linenumbers are read from the stacktrace  
in case of an GradleScriptException
     * [GRADLE-88] - Adding to the manifest within an archive adds  
also to the base manifest used by all archives.
     * [GRADLE-90] - usePlugin(Class) is missing from  
     * [GRADLE-93] - The gradle default cache (.gradle/cache) is not  
always used for downloading dependencies. Sometimes .ivy2/cache is used.
     * [GRADLE-94] - An artifact dependency is not recognized if the  
user description is of type GString.
     * [GRADLE-109] - Resolve from flatDirResolver takes very long if  
there are other remote resolvers in the chain.

** Improvement
     * [GRADLE-31] - Split the tutorial creator into single files
     * [GRADLE-36] - Add additional modifier for archive names (e.g.  
     * [GRADLE-59] - Allow classifiers to be added to a dependency  
notation (e.g. testng-5.8-jdk14)
     * [GRADLE-62] - Move website from gradle-core trunk to an own  
top level folder in svn
     * [GRADLE-72] - report the actual JRE version (1.6.0_5) , not  
the version of the hotspot VM. (10.0)
     * [GRADLE-83] - Split the distribution into a pure binary and  
     * [GRADLE-89] - Compile task should offer includes/excludes  
functionality for the files in the srcDirs
     * [GRADLE-91] - Allow to add URL's to the MavenRepo resolver for  
retrieving jars.
     * [GRADLE-95] - Allow string descriptions of paths for  
DependencyManager.addFlatDirResolver arguments.
     * [GRADLE-98] - Bundle Gradle with ant-nodeps
     * [GRADLE-101] - Setting a skip property is enough to skip the  
task. Only setting it to false or not setting it does not skip a task.
     * [GRADLE-102] - Add debug timing information to log
     * [GRADLE-103] - Improve default archive usability by not using  
late creation via type and by introducing a war plugin.
     * [GRADLE-104] - Use only one convention object which can be  
dynamically enhanced by any plugin and which preserves a plugin  
     * [GRADLE-105] - Add disable/enable flag to task
     * [GRADLE-107] - Add an optional parameter to the usePlugin  
method, to overwrite default values of the plugin convention object  
before the plugin manipulates the project.
     * [GRADLE-110] - Make gradle properties conveniently accessible  
to settings.gradle
     * [GRADLE-111] - Make the internal chain resolver properties  
     * [GRADLE-113] - Rename gradlefile to build.gradle and  
gradlesettings to settings.gradle
     * [GRADLE-115] - Make userguide generation independent of the  
execution of the integration tests (rely on the expected out files  

** New Feature
     * [GRADLE-96] - Add merge functionality for archives
     * [GRADLE-99] - Provide build-in Proxy support (also via gradle  
user home properties)
     * [GRADLE-100] - Set a default for the bundle childrenDependsOn  
     * [GRADLE-108] - Set system props via the gradle.properties files

Hans Dockter
Gradle Project lead

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