[ANN] Gradle 0.4 is released

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[ANN] Gradle 0.4 is released


we are happy to announce the release of Gradle 0.4.

See our user's guide (UG) for details: http://gradle.org/userguide/ 

New and Noteworthy:

- Assemble projects with arbitrary physical locations to a multi-
project build. A sub-category of this is the flat layout of an  
Eclipse multi-project structure. See UG 13.3
- Eclipse file generation (including WTP) for Java projects. See UG  
9.10 & 11.3
- Filter's for requesting dependency files (external libs/ project  
libs). See Javadoc of DependencyManager
- More context in the error logging for common failures

Have a look at our updated roadmap: http://gradle.org/roadmap.html


- Hans

Hans Dockter
Gradle Project lead

Release Notes - Gradle - Version 0.4

** Bug
     * [GRADLE-187] - unsupported operation when adding to project  
     * [GRADLE-192] - Javadoc task produces errors on package.html
     * [GRADLE-210] - Gradle does not resolve version conflicts properly

** Improvement
     * [GRADLE-175] - Allow to specify a project name.
     * [GRADLE-185] - Add test for correctness of line number in case  
of a build script error
     * [GRADLE-189] - Add resolve method to dependency manager which  
allows to exclude project dependencies and to set  
     * [GRADLE-191] - Add a method to DependencyManager to get  
dependencies based on a libs/project filter
     * [GRADLE-193] - Change convention value data structure from  
Closure to inner class.
     * [GRADLE-202] - Provide more context in error logging for  
common failures
     * [GRADLE-203] - The gradle properties should be also exposed to  
the settings.
     * [GRADLE-207] - Allow exclude for project dependencies
     * [GRADLE-214] - Consistent task and project lookup through the  
Project interface
     * [GRADLE-216] - The Java Plugin should set the working dir of  
the forked JVM to the project dir.
     * [GRADLE-217] - Tests should be run in forked mode as default.
     * [GRADLE-224] - Allow 'changing' flag to be specified for a  
module dependency

** New Feature
     * [GRADLE-28] - Add tasks for generating Eclipse files
     * [GRADLE-158] - Allow an arbitray layout for a multi-project  

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