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[ANN] Gradle Holidays

From today until May 27 I'm on holidays. I might sporadically check this list and might be able to give some answers but I can not guarantee this.

After my holidays I gonna dedicate the whole June full time to Gradle. There will be a 0.1.5 release very soon and a couple of 0.2 milestone releases. I hope that 0.2 final can be released at the end of June. The first 0.2 milestone release is going to be about a rich plugin system. I have posted my ideas about this on the dev list. 

I'm very happy with the feedback on Gradle so far. Hopefully rather sooner than later there will also be a thriving community around it so that a holiday of a single person needs no mentioning on the user's list :)

Thanks to everyone for using Gradle

- Hans

Hans Dockter
Gradle Project lead