[ANN] Groovy 2.2.0 is released

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[ANN] Groovy 2.2.0 is released

Guillaume Laforge
Hi all,

This is with great pleasure that the Groovy team is announcing today the release of Groovy 2.2, the latest version of the Groovy programming language.

Groovy 2.2 features:

  • Implicit closure coercion
  • @Memoized AST transformation for methods
  • Define base script classes with an annotation
  • New DelegatingScript base class for scripts
  • New @Log variant for the Log4j2 logging framework
  • @DelegatesTo with generics type tokens
  • Precompiled type checking extensions
  • Groovysh enhancements
  • Bintray's JCenter repository
  • OSGi manifests for the “invoke dynamic” JARs
  • And other minor bug fixes, enhancements and performance improvements

You can read more detailed release notes as well as have a look at all the JIRA issues fixed.

Then download Groovy 2.2 while it's hot!

Thanks a lot to all the users, contributors, developers who contributed to that release!

Keep on groovy'ing!

Guillaume Laforge
Groovy Project Manager
Pivotal, Inc.