Gradle resolve jars from RPM and WAR ?

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Gradle resolve jars from RPM and WAR ?

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Can gradle be used to resolve dependencies in RPM's and WAR files which contain Jar's?
For example installing "tomcat7" via yum on a linux/fedorah/centos system has dependancies to several java packaging RPM's.  The sum is dozens of JAR files.  Interestingly the exact same version of tomcat pulled form tomcat's distribution includes some different versions of the same jar files and some different ones altogether.

If I want to to do a gradle build for a WAR project I need to know whats 'provided' so I dont pull in jar files that are duplicate or conflict with tomcat.
Similar issue with the JRE actually - the jar files and classes the JRE provides changes over time.
At one point I needed to pull in jaxws-rt.jar and now I dont.
I mention this because on the *same version* of tomcat and Java, but from different distributions,
one works and one doesnt.

It would be nice if Gradle could detect these.

I am using Artifactory so I can pre-expand the rpms if needed.

Any ideas ?