How to set exported property in .classpath file.

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How to set exported property in .classpath file.

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I'm using Gradle 1.7 and having trouble to create eclipse .classpath file. Eclipse plugin for Gradle seems to set exported property to 'true' even if the library is testCompile group. As a result, junit and mockito library will be deployed to application server If I import the project to Eclipse.
I tried the following:

shouldExcluded = configurations.testCompile.dependencies.inject(new HashSet(), {s, v -> s + "$$$v.version"})

eclipse.classpath.file {
  beforeMerged { classpath ->
  whenMerged { cp ->
    cp.entries.findAll {
      (it instanceof or.gradle.plugins.ide.eclipse.model.Library) &&
    }*.exported = false

It can exclude libraries in testCompile group such as JUnit. But cannot excluded hamcrest library that is dependency of JUnit.

Can I set exported property to false for testCompile group libraries?