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Installation problems


New to Gradle. Just downloaded and installed v. 0.1.4

When I run gradle -v, I get:

No modern compiler.
Gradle 0.1.4
Gradle bulidtime: Tuestday, May 6, 2008 etc.
Groovy 1.5.5
JVM 10.0-b19
JVM Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
OS Name: Windows XP

I searched through the mailing list archive for "No modern compiler." and turned up nothing that applies to me. My JAVA_HOME env var points correctly to the Java JDK. (c:\tools\java\jdk1.6.0_04) and all my other Java tools (IDEs, etc.) use this env variable with no difficulty.

Your Getting Started Guide says to consult GRADLE_HOME/docs/userguide, however the zip file I downloaded has no /docs directory.

Please explain what needs to be done to fix this (and possibly fix the distribution or the GettingStarted.html file.)

Looking forward to giving Gradle a try,

---Andrew B.