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New Snapshot Release

Hi all,

we have done a lot of work on the core. There is a first snapshot  
release available reflecting the changes.

In particular we have improved the performance massively for large  
multi-project builds, although there is a still a lot of potential  
for further improvement.

There is not gradle.bat and gradlew.bat any longer. We are now using  
launch4j to generate executables for windows. In particular we get  
now return values different to 0 in case of an error on windows. This  
is very important for example if the gradle wrapper is used on a CI  
server installed on windows. Otherwise every build is sucessful.

We have also changed our command argument processor from commons-cli  
to JOpt Simple. You can't do -sp somepath any longer. You have to  
write -s -p somepath. Clustering of non argument options is still  
possible (e.g. -sj).

- Hans

Hans Dockter
Gradle Project lead

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