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Re: [gradle-scm] [965] gradle-core/trunk: - Added some styling to html userguide

Hi Adam,

I have just created the user's guide to see the effect of those  
changes. I couldn't believe what I've seen. This is awesome. The old  
html layout was obviously such a pain to look at. I was even thinking  
about ditching the html version altogether. And now we have a stylish  
html user guide which is a pleasure to look at (except some funny  
problems with the tables). I was always reluctant to dig into this  
latex2html transformation because I was afraid that things are going  
to become really complicated.

Don't know what to say

- Hans

P.S. I think it is quite handy to reply to the svn commits. Although  
it could be more convenient. In the apache projects the reply-to  
header is to the dev list, not the scm list. And the diff is in text  
form. So you can really comment on this in your email. I gonna check  
if codehaus allows customization here.

P.S.S. I have send this reply accidentally to the groovy-dev list  
first. Slightly embarrassing.

Hans Dockter
Gradle Project lead

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