Rewrite project() dep's as library/file deps in eclipse.classpath?

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Rewrite project() dep's as library/file deps in eclipse.classpath?

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Multi-project gradle build. I have dependencies that are a mix of maven-style
for public/external modules, and dependencies on other (internal) projects:

dependencies {
   compile ""
   compile project("internalProj")

When doing 'gradle eclipse', the project() dependency gets written to
the .classpath with something like:

<classpathentry kind="src" path="/internalProj" exported="true"/>

There are certain times when I want to intercept that dependency, and make it
a dependency on the lib/jar that is generated for that project. That is, I want
to change it so that instead of above .classpath entry, I get something like:

<classpathentry \

Using the eclipse.classpath.file.whenMerged", I can find the project entries of interest, and remove them
from the eclipse.classpath.entries. Great, half-way there.

But I cannot figure out how to create/add suitable "lib" entries.

Based on reading some of the actual code that builds the classpath, I *think* I want to
create an instance of :


But my attempts to do so have failed miserably so far, I can't seem to find the groovy
DSL constructor that creates an instance of above class.

Should I just remove the entries, then use eclipse.classpath.xmlFile to generate
classpathentry nodes like above?