Trying to build JSR166.

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Trying to build JSR166.

Russel Winder-3
The JSR166 jar has to be built with the compiler option:


set. I used to do this in Gradle with the statement:

        compileJava.options.compilerArgs = [ '-XDignore.symbol.file=true' ]

However this hasn't worked for a long time, which means I have not been
building the evolving JSR166 jar and uploading to Maven Central
Snapshots. The JSR166x, JSR166y, Extra166y, and JSR166e jars all build
and test fine without this option. However without the JSR166 jar, the
JSR166TCK cannot be run and so there is no validation for any of the

I have a suspicion, but no data or evidence, just a gut reaction, that
the problem might stem from when the whole Java compilation system of
Gradle was revised a few months back.

So what is the way of ensuring that this symbol is set during
compilation of the JSR166 jar, but none of the others.

I am using a multi-project Gradle build, one project for each of the
jars.  The mainline repository is the CVS repopsitory Doug Lea holds,
but I am using Git for all this and my mirror fork is available at

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