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Re: Environment variables in Application Plugin output 0 replies gradle-dev
Access to buildscript from Settings object 1 reply gradle-dev
Re: Deprecate Java 1.5 support? 0 replies gradle-dev
CopySpecBackedCopyActionProcessingStream.java 1 reply gradle-dev
Re: any 1.8 blockers? 1 reply gradle-dev
Re: Possible Backwards compatibility problem: Gradle 1.7 crashes with RPM plugin 0 replies gradle-dev
"Native" Bash Client on Raspberry Pi 0 replies gradle-dev
JNA upgrade? 0 replies gradle-dev
Should gradle daemon use comms other than Java serialized objects? 3 replies gradle-dev
Re: New docs style. 1 reply gradle-dev
gradlew scripts in gradle/bin to find gradlew scripts upwards within project space 1 reply gradle-dev
Re: Groovyc fork failing on Windows? 0 replies gradle-user
Re: JDiff. 0 replies gradle-dev
Re: CPP: dealing with arbitrary arguments. 1 reply gradle-dev
Re: CPP: dealing with arbitrary arguments. 3 replies gradle-dev
Thoughts on task conventions for developer builds? 0 replies gradle-user
Re: Dependency Sequence Lost Between Ant Target and Gradle Task 1 reply gradle-user
Gradle Wrapper less configurable than before 0 replies gradle-dev
Re: Compiler not found when running :compileJava 1 reply gradle-user
Re: build.gradle - really? 2 replies gradle-dev
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